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New Commercial Boiler venting into Masonry Chimney?

If you are in the process of installing a new commercial boiler in your building, please make sure that if they are venting it up a masonry chimney, that you discuss with installer the need to put a new stainless liner down chimney for this appliance.  Too many times I find a brand new 2016 furnace technology, venting up a 1920 technology (i.e. brick, mortar, and clay tile lined chimney).  It is the equivalent of having a Motel T Ford and installing a new Ferrari engine in it.....they don't play well together.   And when i say 1920 masonry technology, I mean any masonry chimney built with clay tile, no matter what year it was built 1930,40,50,60,70,; It cannot keep up with fan assisted boiler technology of today.

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