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Tuckpoint versus Rebuild?

The attractive part of tuckpointing versus rebuilding a chimney is generally the price.  But the job quality of a rebuild versus a tuckpoint is night and day.  When companies tuckpoint a chimney they are generally going to replace the outer 3/4" to 1" of mortar on a mortar joint that is 4" deep.  What not a lot of people know is that mortar generally fails from the inside of the chimney out.  4" deep in the mortar joint, the joint gets wet, stays wet, gets no sun, no wind, and hence the failure.  If you are going to tuckpoint a chimney where all you are replacing is the outer quarter of a failed mortar joint, all you are really doing in most cases is a cosmetic fix.  Yes, the chimney will look better because the mortar joints are now full, but it is only a band-aid solution. 

If you are buying a home, and the chimney looks like it has been recently worked on, you may want to inquire about if the chimney was rebuilt or tuckpointed.  It might be worth having it evaluated?!

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