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Why is my chimney flaking?

We all know that when water freezes, it expands. When the chimney starts to "flake" or "spall", it is a sign of water penetration. Water can either be getting in from the outside (rain water) or the inside (moisture from appliances) the chimney. The bricks and mortar absorb the water. During the warm months the water degrades the mortar and can cause cracking or softening of the mortar joints. However, during the cold months, especially in cold-weather climates, the water freezes and expands. It is this expansion that causes the masonry to break apart and spall.

This type of deterioration is an progressive process, the more damage there is, the more water that can enter the chimney. This process can result in the chimney needing to be rebuilt, or even leaks occurring in the house causing damage to the structure of the house.

It is important to fix this damage early to avoid costly repairs. Call Smoke Stacks at (262) 797-8181 today to schedule a free estimate to fix your "flakey" chimney!

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