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Brookfield, WI Chimney Repair & Sweeping

Smoke Stacks Inc. offers a full range of chimney services to the residents of the City and Town of Brookfield Wisconsin. Smoke Stacks specializes in chimney repair and rebuilding!


Brookfield, a small municipality in South Eastern Wisconsin, covers almost 27 square miles and boasts 40,000 residents. Brookfield, WI is a community with business and residential areas that boasts many opportunities for existing homeowners and new-comers to the area. The Brookfield area has a diverse enviroment from major retail hubs to quaint shops that embody the atmosphere of the Brookfield living.

Brookfield, WI Chimney Sweeping/Cleaning

Over time and use Brookfield, WI Chimneys build up dangerous deposits called creosote. Smoke Stacks offers a full range of chimney sweeping services for Brookfield, WI residents. Brushing the chimney flue, smoke chamber and firebox is the most common type of chimney sweeping service that we offer. For more information about chimney sweeping or to schedule an appointment for your Brookfield, WI Chimney Sweep call Smoke Stacks today!

Chimney Building and Repointing Services in Brookfield, WI

Your chimney is one of the most important part your house. It vents the dangerous by-products of burning fuels for heating. From venting the smoke of your fireplace or woodstove, to venting the water vapor and other products produced by your furnace and waterheater.Your chimney works 24/7/365, if your chimney is not in proper working order, you and your family may be putting your self at risk.

Chimneys in Brookfield, WI are often built of many materials, but one of the most popular in Lannon Stone. Smoke Stacks specializes in Lannon Stone as well as other types of stone chimney rebuilding.

Chimneys in Waukesha County range from small chimneys that vent furnaces and water heaters to elegant, beautiful architectural designs. No matter what your chimney's design or purpose, Smoke Stacks Inc. can rebuild your chimney to your specifications.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners in Brookfield, WI

There are many types of chimney liners available on the market. Clay tile, aluminum and stainless steel are just a few. Smoke Stacks installs stainless steel chimney liners because they are the industry standard for relining chimneys. Stainless steel is very durable and can resist the corrosive flue gases emitted by home heating appliances. All of the stainless steel flue liners that Smoke Stacks, Inc. come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

A beautiful stone chimney built by Smoke Stacks in Brookfield, WI County
"The estimates, work and follow-up were all very prompt, reponsive and professional. We are very satisfied" Kate of Brookfield, WI
"Very professional and artistic! I would recommend Smoke Stacks to all friends, family and strangers. There was nothing left for me to clean up when they were finished with my chimney - inside or out. Thanks for a job WELL DONE!" Dick, Brookfield, WI
"Kurt is a man of his word. He is prompt, professional and most pleasant. He completed the job as quoted and we are very satisfied!" Floyd, Brookfield WI

For years, people throughout the greater Milwaukee and Brookfield, WI areas have been turning to Smoke Stacks, Inc. for their chimney repair and relining needs. At Smoke Stacks, Inc. we believe that attention to detail, professional work, courteous service and honest prices are the qualities that make the difference.

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