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What is a chimney inspection?

A chimney inspection is an evaluation of the chimney and/or fireplace system. Inspections are an important part of your annual chimney/fireplace maintenance routine. A chimney inspection can reveal dangerous defects in your fireplace and chimney systems. Chimney inspections are valuable also when buying a house or selling a house as a fireplace chimney inspection by a Waukesha Chimney Inspector can alert you to potential problems in your Milwaukee fireplace chimney.

What is checked during a chimney inspection?

There can be many different areas of inspection for your particular chimney/fireplace. For any chimney, it is important to have the flue lining checked for combustible deposits of creosote. Sometimes, if your chimney is dirty, it will need to have a chimney sweep completed in order to evaluate the chimney flue.

In addition to the chimney flue for your fireplace, other common areas would be areas such as the fire box of the fireplace. The fire box is the area of the fireplace where you put the wood in to burn. While evaluating the firebox of the fireplace, it is important to check the function of the damper. The damper is often a metal plate located at the top of the firebox that opens and closes to control the amount of air flowing through the chimney. A damper that is defective or not functioning properly can cause problems with using the fireplace and made lead to poor draft or smoke rolling back into the house.

Another area of the fireplace to be checked would be the smoke chamber of the fireplace. Some fireplaces have smoke chambers and some do not. If the fireplace has smoke chamber, it is located above the damper. This is the most common type of construction in a masonry-built fireplace.

There are a few more components to be checked on the interior of the fireplace but every fireplace is a little different. Not only is it important to check for defects, it is just as important to check the installation method of your fireplace. Clearances to combustibles, sizing ratios, hearth size and other items are checked to ensure a proper installation.

Once the interior parts are evaluated, the exterior of the chimney needs to be evaluated. The common areas of the exterior would be the brick, stone, or masonry of the structure, the "crown" or "cap" of the chimney and integrity of the chimney flashings all need to be checked.

As you can read above, there are many different areas of a fireplace/chimney to be checked. Smoke Stacks Inc. can use state of the art inspection equipment to help give you piece of mind that your fireplace/chimney are working properly and ready for the next burning season.


For years, people throughout the greater Milwaukee and Waukesha areas have been turning to Smoke Stacks, Inc. for their chimney repair and relining needs. At Smoke Stacks, Inc. we believe that attention to detail, professional work, courteous service and honest prices are the qualities that make the difference.

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