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Stainless Steel Chimney Rain Caps and Animal Guards

Some of the major causes of chimney include rain water and animals. Keep the rain and animals out of your chimney. Call Smoke Stacks Inc. today to schedule the installation of a new stainless steel chimney rain cap with animal guard!


Why should you have a stainless steel chimney flue cap?

Chimney rain caps serve two purposes, the first and primary goal is to keep rain out of the chimney system. Rain that gets into the chimney can cause damage to clay tile lining system, rusted and inoperable dampers, fireplace boxes to disintegrate and many more expensive problems.

The second purpose is to keep animals out of the chimney. Animals can get in the chimney and nest, creating a dangerous situation. In places such as Oconomowoc, Mequon, Colgate, Menomonee Falls and others. Nesting animals cause a lot of problems for the residents.

That is why Smoke Stacks, Inc. chooses a high quality, stainless steel flue cap with a lifetime manufacturers warranty! Galvanized flue caps cost less, but eventually start to rust and can leave rust stains running down your chimney. Stainless steel does not rust and will last a lifetime!


For years, people throughout the greater Milwaukee and Waukesha areas have been turning to Smoke Stacks, Inc. for their chimney repair and relining needs. At Smoke Stacks, Inc. we believe that attention to detail, professional work, courteous service and honest prices are the qualities that make the difference.

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